Water Analysis

This inspection is a limited sampling of certain water systems and components using normal operating controls. The purpose of the Inspection is to provide you with information about the condition and quality of the water of the home at the time of the Inspection. The testing will be performed in accordance with the Laboratory and/or manufacturers guidelines for the collection of water samples

Water Bacteria (Potobility)

Drinking Water Standards Program. Contains information on standards EPA has implemented on a number of topics related to Drinking Water.

For more information:EPA Safe Water Standards

EPA’s Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water

The EPA protects public health and the environment by setting standards for drinking water contaminants and protecting sources of drinking water.

Click Here for info:Basic Information about Regulated Drinking Water Contaminants

Local Drinking Water Information

The following website provides local drinking water information for the state of Colorado, other states can be referenced also.

Click here:Colorado Drinking Water Regulations

Water on Tap:

A Consumer`s Guide to the Nation`s Drinking Water Report provides information about the quality of U.S. drinking water safety.
Water on Tap: What You Need to Know, Click Here: Consumer Guide

Lead in Drinking Water

The following EPA website answers questions about dangers of lead in drinking water, gives techniques for reducing lead exposure. *Additional Fee applies.

For more information:Lead in drinking Water

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