Phase Inspections

Phase 1:

Foundation, Footing and Slab Inspection Prior to Placement of Concrete

The intent of Phase 1 is to ensure that model construction practices are being followed. Items visually inspected will include forms placement, steel, re-bar, woven wire mesh (if applicable), plumbing rough-in, mechanical rough-in, applicable code authority permit signatures, and vapor barrier placement if applicable.

Phase 2:

Framing/Masonry Wall and Mechanical Systems Inspection Prior to Dry-in of Roof System and Installation of Drywall.
The intent of Phase 2 is to ensure that all work conducted prior to the inspection has followed model construction practices. Items visually inspected will be structural wall components, framed interior wall sections, roofing system, plumbing top-out, mechanical and electrical rough, applicable code authority permit signatures. The inspector will use the building plans and drawings available on-site.

Phase 3:

Final Walk Through Inspection
The intent of Phase 3 is to conduct a final walk through inspection to identify any fit and finish deficiencies prior to closing on the property. Where applicable, the inspector will use the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines published by the National Association of Home Builders. The final inspection is an analysis of over 400 checkpoints in the home. It’s easy to read and understand AND comes housed in our distinctive AmeriSpec three-ring binder, which includes a full color home maintenance manual.

Please Note:

The client must notify AmeriSpec when property is ready to inspect at each phase of construction. All inspections are conducted in a visual manner. The inspector will use builder plans that should be available at the site. This IS NOT a code inspection or a building specification inspection. Additionally, this phased inspection IS NOT intended to be a verification of building and room dimensions, elevation design, material and/or, components.

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